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Angel-Rose Oedit Doebé

Angel-Rose Oedit Doebé (Amsterdam, 1995) is a Dutch-Surinamese visual artist who works from her own world called “the angel-rose coloured glasses”. By combining activism, Camp, and pop culture, Angel-Rose expresses her opinion on marginalisation and criticizes today’s society’s flop era.

She describes herself as a visual artist who is rooted in the medium of photography.  She creates photos, mainly self-portraits, installations, ready-made sculptural work and works with archives. Besides her visual art, angel-rose is invested in activism, social rights, feminism, writing, and creative direction, and is involved with children creatively.

In the new chapter of her artistry called “if you are from europe, why are you brown?”, Angel-Rose connects her inspiration of travelling through India this year to the Hindustanis’ history in Surinam her perspective of being a Brown woman living in a western country. Once again, Angel-Rose will create a world that looks precious because of her known colour palettes, but yet again her criticism is anything except endearing.

  • Custom made couture realness
    Custom made couture realness
    Digital photograph
  • Bitch I'm a cow
    Bitch I'm a cow
  • Fragment for installation If you're from europe, why are you brown?
    Fragment for installation If you're from europe, why are you brown?