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Arthur Cordier

[. . .] worked in an advertising agency, he hates advertising.

From the experience remained a constant interest in the study of urban and commercial trickery – also known in French as roublardise. To reveal the economical construct of urban contexts, he uses the effectiveness of commercial strategies against itself in a tautological and often parasitic manner.

To a further extend he tackles the aesthetics of bureaucracy, entrepreneurship, and efficiency through relational, situational and contextually-specific works, self-reflecting upon the economy of artistic practice in a production-driven society.


Recent solo exhibitions include FREE COFFEE** NO SMARTPHONE FOR ETERNITY at IKOB Museum of Contemporary Art (Eupen, BE) and Kunst_plantenat Hgtomi Rosa (The Hague, NL).

A selection of recent duo and group exhibitions include the Bregenz Biennale, curated by Albert Allgaier (Bregenz, AT); Oh Darling, Let’s run with the turtles, at Salon 75 (Copenhagen, DK); My Goals Are Bigger Than Yours at CAS-CO (Leuven. BE); The foot in the door at Page Not Found (The Hague. NL); Tiktok vs Abramovic at Projektraum145 (Berlin. DE); Days of our Lives at Susan Bites, with works by Sofia Boubolis and Martin Parr (The Hague. NL); among others.

Arthur is also curator at The Balcony, space for contemporary art based in The Hague since 2018, with recent exhibitions including works by Marcel Broodthaers, Eva Pel, Martha Rosler, Vincent Knopper, Joséphine Kaeppelin, Liam Gillick and Aline Bouvy a.o.

  • Untitled (landscape paintings)
    Untitled (landscape paintings)
    heavy duty PVC and vinyl on aluminum stretchers
    150 x 200 cm
  • Untitled(landscape paintings)
    Untitled(landscape paintings)
    digital print, heavy duty PVC and vinyl on aluminum stretchers
    150 x 200 cm
  • Le jour du goudron
    Le jour du goudron
    heavy duty PVC and vinyl on aluminum stretchers
    80 x 110 cm