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Cao Tang

Cao Tang (1997, Nanchong) is a Chinese painter lives and works in the Den Haag (NL). Cao’s works focus on painting combined with the mural. By reconstructing his own experience and memory, he combines figurative symbols and realistic images to create narratives on an overhead timeline, creating painting installations and reshaping spaces. Out of a strong interest in manufactured landscapes and collective unc, Cao deliberately creates a contradictory and opposite utopian world in his works and uses this as the theme to explore the symbiotic relationship between subjective thinking and the objective world. Taking the floating perspective as the starting point, Cao regards painting as his visual language and uses a flat painting method to blur the objective influence of tangible factors, but always retains the traceability and debate on the nature of the problem.

  • Sunset Valley
    Sunset Valley
    Acrylic and spray paint on canvas
  • Dead Calm
    Dead Calm
    Spray paint on canvas
  • Binocular
    Spray paint on canvas.