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Cas van Deurssen

My practice is continuously fed from an experimental involvement with the everyday. When I walk down the street I notice that many considerations stem from a collective need to give meaning to the things around us. There is a regular interaction between the things that come my way and the elements that I apply in my work. Observations from everyday life are often assigned a different function, but rarely lose their reference to reality. This creates a dialogue with my environment in which selective perception plays an important role. I am driven by how people deal with different scenes that we often consider self-explanatory, such as the use of symbols and pictograms. Scenarios in which a certain individuality can be traced back. The small changes in our environment that affect our routines. Repeating architectural motifs typical of a specific neighborhood, or a popping yellow font printed on an ad on the go.

  • Hippie hop honey dot
    Hippie hop honey dot
    Olieverf, acryl, spuitverf, airbrush, collage op canvas
    (2x) 165x190 cm
  • OHHO
    Spuitverf, ketting, collage op canvas
    28,5x25 cm
  • Utopia Inn. (close-up)
    Utopia Inn. (close-up)