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Diego Virgen

My investigations comprise a pool of tools from various disciplines like food sociology, cooking, art and spatial design. My interests range from production, procurement, and consumption, to the dematerialisations, imaginaries and speculations that revolve around the universe of food. Exploring artistic methods and techniques to address spatial and social narratives of food can be considered my daily (mental) exercise.

It can be said that my work and my writings explore and encourage collective human encounters, rather than individual contemplation of produced objects; they may best be summed up as both conceptual art and activist practices.

In the most recent years, some of my explorations have been revolving around candies and citizens’ approach to sugar from a sociological and artistic praxis. They encompass the formalities of edible plastics and hard and soft caramels, concretely marshmallow.

  • Comfort | Finally, Things are Happening
    Comfort | Finally, Things are Happening
  • MEDITAXION | Roots and Wings
    MEDITAXION | Roots and Wings
  • Tiling up | Food Processors
    Tiling up | Food Processors