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Emiel Ambroos

EMIEL AMBROOS (Ghent, 1992 BE), Builder of worlds, celebrator of life. Characterized as a mad professor in the field of construction work and carpentry. Finding connection with the world through tactility and a sense of irony his work carries oddly uplifting kind of vibe.

After graduation in 2020 at ArtEZ, he retreated from the complexities of individualized society. Today he lives a romanticized life at ‘de camping’, a recreational park just outside Nijmegen city. Inspired by science fiction, rave culture and the camping life, he searches for un-commodified freedom. His practice has simultaneously grown towards the outdoors. Recently he realized two sculptures for the city of Arnhem, Among other site specific projects and residencies in and outside The Netherlands.

His website is a ‘segrada de familia project’ which still remains to be ‘under construction’

Yet he is more then happy to be reached by email:

  • De Droomijs Biotoop
    De Droomijs Biotoop
  • Dancing Dunes (prototype)
    Dancing Dunes (prototype)
  • Emiel Ambroos2