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Guillem S. Arquer

Guillem S. Arquer research and practice develops from a deep interest in site-specificity, improvisation and the poetic materiality of found objects. He is interested in the conceptual and technological infrastructures that support the bipolar world-views that obfuscate the connection of the human species with the Earth’s ecosystems. Alongside his research interest in naturecultures, he tries to reimagine and develop what an art practice tuned to more-than-human worlds can be. He obtained his FA Bachelor Degree at Universitat de Barcelona and graduated from the MFA at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, where he resides. His work has been presented individually and collectively in Spain and in the Netherlands in institutions, galleries and artist-run spaces.

For the Springboard Fair, he has the intention to present a series of objects through which to digest his ongoing researches on composting, politics of containment and mechanical environment technologies.

  • untitled (the smell of a forest after rain)
    untitled (the smell of a forest after rain)
  • tubular cavities of heat
    tubular cavities of heat
    experimental listening session
  • face danger, run in circles
    face danger, run in circles