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Jelle van Kuilenberg

My practice is centered around finding enchantment in everyday life and the traces of our human presence: a bike that is not what it seems leaning against the windowsill, a note that never arrived, the subtle marks we leave behind. We unconsciously leave traces of our presence wherever we go that entail more than we would think when looking upon them closely. When we shine a light upon these traces, they become fascinating tales on their own. There is so much to say about our existence by the traces we leave behind. Our human-centered infrastructure accidentally creates a poetry of everyday life. I research our everyday architecture and infrastructure. By playing with its shapes, forms and functions and studying the possibilities of the material, I attempt to understand the world around me. My work is born from reading the riddles of this poetry and it deals with the subtleness of our existence and its enchantment, but also its literal and metaphorical weight.


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