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Kamila Sipika

The practice of visual artist Kamila Sipika focuses on oil and digital paintings and writing. She approaches work in a serial manner, which allows her to express it from different angles, as opposed to being fixated on one viewpoint.

The paintings explore the themes of seduction, images with desires of their own, interactions between individuals and technology and nature, explosion and “random” hybrids, and juxtapositions of information found online on social media.

She also decides to combine traditional techniques with internet pattern generators and websites using artificial intelligence. Working on paintings, she often thinks of juxtaposing them with digital images. It intrigues her how our attention, while we view an image with interest, undermines credibility.

Working previously with Anthropocene magazines, events, and brands she explores the written word in the context of visual works and the current ecological footprint.

She involved herself in projects related to mycelium growth and pigment coloring, reading, and window exhibiting in Page Not Found the Hague and TinyGallery. Moreover, she has been experimenting with several software programs, such as DALL-E, and currently creating with that a base for coming projects.

  • "Afterimage Glitch"
    acrylic on canvas
    130x 120cm
  • "Heartsease"
    oil on linen
    50x 60 cm
  • "Strelitzia flower"
    oil on canvas
    155 x 115 cm