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Kasper van Moll

Kasper van Moll (Nijmegen, 1992) is a painter, printmaker and performance artist. He uses  group performances and moments of togetherness as a jumping off point to create vague dreamscapes, embellished stories and unrecognizable abstractions. Having played in a variety of bands as a bass player, Kasper’s approach to making things is heavily influenced by notions of collectivity, harmony, disharmony, listening and reacting. To him, the most obvious material is his own personal history. Through the use of varying techniques, including medium transfer, silkskreen print, inkjet print, painting, toyobo and oil bar drawing, he regurgitates and reuses his own work, stacking personal stories, performative moments and memories of friendship into condensed vignettes with a slight nostalgic touch.

Next to his solo practice, Kasper loves to collaborate. He is founder and member of performance art collective Broken Toaster Records: a fictional record label that creates site specific performances and performative settings taking the concept of ‘the band’ as a starting point. Over the years it has produced more than fifty uniquely different performances or ‘bands’ whose resulting works range from albums, field recordings, after-movies and live-streams to temporary football fields, impromptu sculptures, vague gestures and shared dinners. Due to its ambiguous nature, a BTR show might be stumbled upon while visiting the opening of a new gallery, a music festival or while walking past that creepy alleyway on your way home from your visit to your local grocery late at night.

Kasper graduated from ArtEZ School for the Arts Arnhem in 2016 with a BA in Fine Arts. He received an MFA in Fine Art & Design from Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam in 2020, where he participated in the program “The Commoners’ Society”: a two-year programme reflecting on the individual art practice through the notion of the commons and commoning. He has shown his work in Het HEM, This Art Fair, PIP Expo, MAKE and RUIS, among others. With his performance art collective Broken Toaster Records, he has performed on numerous occasions and settings, among them WORM, POST, NEST, Waag Society, Down The Rabbit Hole Festival and Incubate Festival.

  • Let's meet our host
    Let's meet our host
    140 x 100 cm
  • Something Happened here ft Broken Toaster Records
    Something Happened here ft Broken Toaster Records
  • Show In Red
    Show In Red
    140 x 100 cm