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Krijn Kroes

Natural phenomena form a base for Kroes’ work. He depicts subjects like flowers, plants, water surfaces and animals, that almost become nonfigurative by way of working. On one hand the paintings are about painting. Playing with the materiality and thickness of the paint, reflecting the light. The works aren’t merely formal, the play of light can be seen as a romantic gesture. As if a beam of light travels over the painting, or the thickness of the paintings’ surface almost becoming a holographic image. Kroes’ works are hard to capture in a still frame, the works are best experienced from different angels by moving around. In his new body of work more references can be seen to art history and old masters, by painting water surfaces and waterlilies as a reference to Monet. In the work Corvus he reinterprets a painting of Floris Verster. As mentioned before Kroes’ works all show a certain materiality. Layers are being scratched off revealing a previous layer of paint, many times symmetrical, forming a Rorschach like image. Sometimes wilder and more freely. Somewhere between mysticism, melancholy, searching and belonging.


  • Untitled (BlackIV) (Photo: Django van Ardenne)
    Untitled (BlackIV) (Photo: Django van Ardenne)
    Oil paint on linen
  • Through III (Photo: Django van Ardenne)
    Through III (Photo: Django van Ardenne)
    Oil paint on linen
  • Septem
    Oil paint on linen