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Linhuei Chen

I am a Taiwanese Dutch artist based in Rotterdam. My experience of migrations triggers me to question its impact on the notions of home and cultural hybridity through memories.

In my practice, I make paintings as the primary medium and often combine them with drawings, objects, or audiovisual installations. Different types of optical viewers sometimes appear in my work. I use them as metaphors for my transcultural experiences between the East and West and explore the possibilities of viewing paintings.

I received BFA in painting from KABK in NL and other degrees in Engineering and Law. I am also an active member of PANT, a platform for Dutch/Taiwanese cultural exchanges.

For the Springboard, I plan to present some of my new series of works: Memory Diaspora-Reminiscence Objects.

Influenced by my experience giving art therapy to demented people during the pandemic, I have been researching reminiscence objects which we can use to retrieve people’s memories and help them to remember who they are. I wonder what kinds of objects can be used for me or others like me who are with transcultural experiences. So I have been making paintings as a way of archiving memories about the objects and works that reflect the inner experience toward the choices and search among the objects from different cultures.  Since this fair is financially supported, I want to explore the possibility of an art fair presentation: making a playful, dream-like world with my works.

  • Examing Hagelslagjes
    Examing Hagelslagjes
    oil, acrylic paints on metal
    12x20 cm
  • Linhuei Chen1
  • Collecting in memory forest
    Collecting in memory forest
    oil on linen