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Lisette Keyser

I am a Rotterdam based artist with a focus on the craft of jewellery. Within my practice my background as a goldsmith Intertwines with other expressions. A combination of fine metal works that grow synergetic with objects, images and texts. Driven by curiosity towards materials and techniques and our relations towards them. The body plays a big role in everything I do, It’s the arena in which my creations find shape. I combine my fondling and scavenging approach with material knowledge I have built over the years. My way of working could be best described as experimental, investigative and playful. The outcome is ever shape shifting but throughout flows a theme of viscosity and shimmers an interest in all kind of material bodies.


  • silver fork
    silver fork
    lost plastic method
  • no title
    no title
    bleach on fabric
    90 x 60cm
  • No title
    No title
    riso print