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Michelle van Ketwich

Michelle van Ketwich, 1997, based in Utrecht.

My artistic practice is a translation of my experiences in a world dominated by the internet and screens, as well as my personal reality in which I am trying to give meaning to what I do and who I am. My work consists of multidisciplinary paintings and ceramic pieces that in a way question and poke fun at internet culture, social norms and everyday life.

I create work by translating found material from the internet, books, films and overheard conversations, as well as personal memories, experiences and fascinations. As such, I work with my own environment: containing both the digital and the physical world. I specifically look for the contrast between the personal and the public; the natural and the synthetic; the mundane and the absurd; and the digital and the material. My work is a dialogue between myself and the present. I’m in a way looking for subjects that are very contemporary, a symbol of this time. More specifically, I look for things that feel right for me, a symbol of myself in this moment of time. I use cheerful colours, lustre and humour not only to their own effect, but also to tackle subjects that actually have a darker edge.

  • Thanks I Hate It
    Thanks I Hate It
    Ceramic, acrylic, plaster and air dry clay on wood
    64 x 50 cm
  • Een Kijkje Verder
    Een Kijkje Verder
    Plaster, Indian ink and acrylic on wood panel
    16 x 12 cm
  • Take a Bath
    Take a Bath
    Glazed ceramic, plastic beads, water and acrylic ink
    15 x 30 x 12 cm