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Muzammil Hussain

Muzammil Hussain graduated from ArtEZ in 2021 and currently he is pursuing his MFA at the Frank Mohr Institute. Recently in 2022, he received the Buning Brongers Prijzen, a biennial Dutch art prize for young painters.

Muzammil Hussain is an Indian artist based in Groningen, the Netherlands. His work is an encapsulation of the process which stems from his conscious and unconscious curiosities. The artist sees these as a bowl of feeling being transmitted to the pigmented matter, which gets shaped into either complete abstractions without a pictorial reference or storytelling through a conscious choice of figurative elements. The artist juxtaposes unexpected elements of colors and figuration in order to see their relationship and what they could communicate.


  • Mathematics
    Oil on canvas
    120x80 cm
  • Through the woods of thoughts
    Through the woods of thoughts
    Oil on canvas
    100x80 cm
  • Last night she sang for me
    Last night she sang for me
    Oil on canvas
    155x115 cm