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Philipp Groubnov

Philipp Groubnov (1995) is an interdisciplinary artist from Belarus. Groubnov’ background includes unfinished degree in nano physics from Belarussian State University, Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Royal Academy (2020) in The Hague and the Master of Art Science (2023) from the same academy.

Part of Groubnov’s family is coming from the rural area of Belarus. Specifically the village “Zhirovichi” where he would often spend summer and winter holidays. Zhirovichi is known in post-soviet area because of one the oldest Orthodox Churches in Belarus and the spring of holy water.

The area of “Zhirovichi” is surrounded by an abundance of forests and lakes that wrap around the small scarcely populated town. The alienating image of the human symbolism in the context of the wild “nature” populated by different beings inspired Groubnov since the young age and formed the basis of his future work.

Groubnov’s works often revolve around the relationship between the human, their stories and the changing environment. He usually starts by taking personal memories or observations and transforming them into the situations that have a continuing life of their own. Situations that can speak complex emotions of longing, loss or desire for perfection.

    LED screen, air conditioner, water mist, cubic meter of soil and apples.
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