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Puck Kroon

Puck Kroon (1996) is fascinated by the interspace. Through intangible, serial research she focusses on the fictional, empty space within language, around objects and between volumes. By recording the transit, the vacuum, the nothingness and the movement of visitors, she uses the visible context as the starting point.

In order to make the invisible visible and what remains inaudible audible, Kroon uses language as the raw material for her work, processing it in the form of texts, vocal performances, sound installations, printed objects and sculpture. The relation to the world relies on words, the use of language and intonation. She could be described as an artist, a writer, a curator, a philosopher, a researcher, an art critic, an archivist or a reporter.

All facets became part of the changeable conditions she works on. Evaporating, dynamic and incomplete ways of expressing can become part of the temporary artworks Kroon is exhibiting. Besides these terms, she elaborates on the traces of something she made before. This return-to-the-already-existing-essence state of working is echoing in her daily life and vice versa. Non- or by-productivity as well as the process are displayed as artwork in itself: the residu as attempt.

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