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Quinn Zeljak

Through my work I’ve explored the relationship we have with our bodies, especially when this relationship is alienated or disconnected. Our current world can lead many people to feel disconnected. Marx spoke of alienation under capitalism as an economic theory, but what does this kind of alienation feel like? What does it look like?

Recently, I’ve explored our digital bodies, through the topics of spam and wellness culture. I’ve clicked on countless links promising the truth that dermatologists don’t want me to know and watched women with toned abs give yoga tutorials so I can feel one with my body.

This rabbit hole quickly became politically and socially relevant. These posts and ads promise something we desperately crave: control. The way our society talks about bodies, size and health, would suggest that we have, or at least could attain this control. It’s a comforting idea. You eat right, move right, stay away from carcinogens and toxins and you’ll be fine. You’ll be healthy.



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