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Quintus Glerum

Through the course of my life I have tried to get a better understanding of myself by mirroring my image to that of machines. While our tools are created for a specific purpose, we do not have the same luxury. Why do I act the way I do and what am I supposed to do? What does it mean to be human and why am I even asking these questions? Getting strangled in endless streams of reoccurring questions formed around conscious and unconscious actions caused me to perceive life as a kind of natural information-processing system.

Comparison has become the strategy at the base of my practice. I usually take specific human elements and portray them through the simplified lens of a machine. This act of simplifying my own nature result in comedic works that both question but highlight the strange relationship between us and our tools. Tools like computers and usb sticks become memorial tokens of my work as both a medium and a material. They both shape my works and fuel them with meaning at the same time.

  • Don't Add Grapefruit Installation
    Don't Add Grapefruit Installation
  • 'The Bedroom Scene' as part of the 'Don't Add Grapefruit' series
    'The Bedroom Scene' as part of the 'Don't Add Grapefruit' series
  • The USB-Monument
    The USB-Monument