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Rosa Zangenberg

Rosa Zangenberg (1995, Copenhagen, Denmark)
The face, what a horror. A combination of holes and bulges that our minds cannot resist and, possibly, the strongest communication tool we have. I scrutinise its holes and bumps and I fold them out like a topographic map on an arbitrary canvas, whether flat or hilly. By doing so, I aim to emphasize the absurdity of distinguishing between portraiture and the landscape in the painting, as the face, in essence, is a lunar landscape. This facial constellation of holes’ powerful presence, whether for the good or for the bad, should not be taken for granted. Often starting from my own face, this exploration is never-ending.
  • Mental breakdown AF
    Mental breakdown AF
    oil pastel on canvas, cotton wool
    28x40x18 cm
  • Etruscan girl & Jeff
    Etruscan girl & Jeff
    2022 & 2023
    oil paint and oil crayons on canvas, MDF, cotton wool & oil pastel and oil paint on canvas, cotton wool, MDF,
    79 x 121 x 4 cm & 75 x 121 x 4 cm
  • Green eyed monster
    Green eyed monster
    oil paint and oil crayons on canvas, MDF, cotton wool
    79x51x6 cm