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Sifra Coulet

I experience, think and work from the concept of construction. I see language as our most impressive construct. The written and spoken word is the only constant medium in my work to date. Besides that, I work with drawing, video, sculpture, performance and installation.

I am particularly interested in dissecting our societal and social constructs. Recurring themes are duality, femininity, identity, the body, transience and connection. Currently I am working on a project entitled: Drift. Exercises in de-automation, for which I received a project subsidy from the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst. The project revolves around a (collective) investigation into what I call free space; the space around our (social) constructions, through a practice of de-automation. Space in which nothing is fixed, where it is neither safe nor predictable. The space I believe we will courageously have to enter to get out of narrowed, flattened, rigid ways of thinking about ourselves and each other.


Sifra Coulet is born in the mid-80’s in Nieuwegein, currently living and working in Amsterdam. She graduated from the evening department (DOGTIME) of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2021. Next to her personal practice, she is part of collective De Derde Plaats.

  • Non-disclaimer 09/20
    Non-disclaimer 09/20
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    Construction no. 5
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    conté on tracingpaper and maskingtape