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Soren Nellemann

I see myself as an activist painter trying to change the world for the better through dialogue and my art projects. Before becoming a full time artist I undertook humanitarian work in some of the poorest countries in the world like Yemen, South Sudan and Mozambique. These life experiences  and witnessing the unfairness and poverty have had a profound impact on me. This laid the foundation for my artistic discourse, often centered on the human story and the political behind it to go deeper. Through a continuing process of addition and destruction working on the canvas, and mixing comics with 16th century painting-realism, I create complex stories and narratives around a specific theme of the political after careful content and art historical research. As a result my artworks are often complex, but exactly because of the multifaceted dimension of my work, it allows the viewer to negotiate and emancipate the presented narrative of the political, thereby allowing them to create their own stories that reflect back on their own lives and perspectives.

  • Bucha-Home - oil on canvas 240x120cm - 2022
    Bucha-Home - oil on canvas 240x120cm - 2022
    Oil on canvas
    240 x 120 cm
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  • Soren Nellemann2