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Tara Kuijpers Wentink

Tara-Eva Kuijpers Wentink’s practice evolves around the exploration of abstracted, amorph shapes that refer to the inner physicality of the human body and its tissues. Her sculptural installations influence the atmosphere of the environment and welcome the viewer to get a glimpse of another world. The colors used in the installations emphasize a fleshy softness, the materials she uses enhance their delicate appearance and tactility. The idea of creating installations that look as if growing from a certain source, is something that inspires her within her work. Like a system of roots coming from a plant, or veins coming from a heart. A source from which can bloom both life and death.


  • Rebirth of the Corpse Flower
    Rebirth of the Corpse Flower
    ceramics, sheep wool, textile, gyrpoc, acrylic1, spraypaint, two fish pumps.
  • Astra
  • Carrier I
    Carrier I
    Ceramics, textile, sheep wool