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Tia Yoon

Tia Yoon’s work explores communication—its attempts and its failure—through shamanistic experiences of channelling energies between transgression and tenderness, through the spectacles of unknown worlds of otherness. This is done through reclamation of alienation, engagement with fantasies via posthuman spectacles, and caring through radical dissociation from humanity. Yoon is interested in ancient mythologies from the era when spirits lived alongside humans, and through the works they aim to awaken elements of that world. Yoon engages with ideas of identity and resistance to biopower by drawing from these ancient fantasy worlds in which all kinds of experiences and lifestyles are embraced—constituting a fantasy, perhaps, for contemporary society too. The work features fictional characters who communicate with fictional spirits through both human and spirit languages, such as rituals and working with witchcraft materials as spells to open doors for experiences. Yoon also draws inspiration from queer and underground club culture, working with radical tenderness as a form of empowerment, self-exploration, and as a tool to create space.They are currently researching possibilities of fluidity between digital and painting’s performative energy. Yoon wishes to create and occupy safe spaces, framed by broken narratives, through which they can communicate with their audience via performance and paintings.


  • A different kind of longing
    A different kind of longing
    Ink, incense, soil, water, wax, rice paper, sand, egg, plaster, acrylic and oil on canvas
  • would you runaway with me
    would you runaway with me
    Rice paper, sand, egg, ink, chalk, acrylic, oil, oil pastel on canvas
    170x170 cm
  • wanted some more
    wanted some more
    Sand, mud, egg, chalk, marble dust, plaster, acrylic, oil on canvas