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Tianyi Zheng

Tianyi Zheng, Tin-e (1995, CN) is an artist/researcher/curator based in Hong Kong and the Netherlands, whose current interests include the interface and narration between space, place, and the identity of people, as well as heterotopology and hauntology. Displayed in mixed media installations, her work comprised of found objects, video, sound, and performance. She graduated from Frank Mohr Institute (MFA in MADTech) in 2021 and received a BA in Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2018).

Zheng’s work has been shown in SIGN Project Space, Groningen (2022); Prenzlauer Studio, Berlin (2021); Kunstpunt, Groningen (2021); Artist Residency in Bierumerschool, Bierum (2020); PMQ, Hong Kong (2018) and Kunstraum Gallery of ZHdK, Zurich (2017). Zheng was awarded the Jan Naaijkens Prize (2022) and supported by the Amarte Fonds (2023). She has curated cultural events such as the Wild Art Festival in Green Wave Art Hong Kong.

Drawing on themes of memory, perception, and agency, Zheng’s work offers an alternative to dominant narratives and questions the systems of power that shape our experiences and identities. Through the use of moving images, mixed media, and found objects, she addresses the distances and clashes of temporal and cultural multitudes. She specifically focused on the impact of globalization and migration, offering a fresh contribution to the ongoing conversation about the relationship between technology and identity.

  • A Reminder from Last Summer
    A Reminder from Last Summer
    Foam, plastic tube, bean bag, warming sheet, warming light, fan, figure, umbrella, swimming air bed, plastic board, toys, electric torch, mechanical device, styrofoam, animation
    Size variable
  • We No Longer Remember How We Got Here
    We No Longer Remember How We Got Here
    Duo-chanel digital video, found objects, painting, slide films, slide projectors, light box
    Size variable