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Yeon Sung

Yeon Sung is an artist-researcher who is based in both South Korea and The Netherlands. Trained in industrial design engineering and graphic design, her politically-charged practice traverses disciplinary boundaries with prototyping, filmmaking, and writing, in accordance with methods based on chemistry, physics, and environmental science.

As a child of a traumatized generation of colonial occupation, her work focuses on untold narratives shaped by political realities. Her approach to decolonization includes the use of non-human matters as transversal human agencies, which transcend time and territories.

Currently, she is working on a research project called “The Matter Trilogy,” which is a multifaceted series that aims to analyze non-human materials and the critical stories they contain, from the colonial past to the ecological realities of the present day.

  • Rusty Odyssey
    Rusty Odyssey
  • Rusty Odyssey II
    Rusty Odyssey II
  • X-Scene 1.0
    X-Scene 1.0