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Àngels Miralda

Àngels Miralda describes her curatorial practice as a secret politics of materiality with the belief that materials contain embedded meanings, relating to global chains of extraction, trade, and industry. Her recent exhibitions have drawn on art historical research into Arte Povera, neo-materialisms, and the roots of Installation Art to create parallels between artists’ materials and planetary phenomena. She has realised residencies and new productions in volcanic craters and sulphuric pits with artists Regina de Miguel and Paul Rosero Contreras. Based on observations of how biotechnology interacts with our world as well as our own bodies in changing and sometimes violent manners, she has imagined speculative sculptural futures with artists Julia Varela and Andrej Škufca. Her projects with Débora Delmar have addressed matter in its consumer form as a market commodity with economic and cultural repercussions.


She has organized exhibitions all over the world 

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