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Renee Trijselaar

Renee coaches, advises, trains and connects the established order to the future order and was, among other things, director of the Cameretten Festival, business manager of the HipHopHuis and interim artistic manager of theater Zuidplein. a coaching course and a post HBO to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, she decided to unite her creative and artistic knowledge with my inner nerd. Armed with a love for idiosyncrasy, art, her network in the cultural sector and calculator, she aims to inspire people to efficient and often somewhat contrarian (cultural) entrepreneurship. What does future-proofing look like? How do you influence the force fields in which you operate? How can processes be faster, simpler and cheaper, without compromising on the artistic side? How do you build a community? And how do you get enough air in your head to think about possibilities instead of solutions?

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