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Sanne Luteijn

For the past 15 years Sanne Luteijn has been freelancing in the art scene. At the moment she is the director of The Ekhard Residency. Next to that she is the chair of the board of the Grafische werkplaats in The Hague. Previously, she worked as the gallery manager of artist collective Billytown in the Hague. She worked as a freelance museumeducator/guide at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Foto Museum Amsterdam (FOAM) and guides Land Art Tours through Flevoland for Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland (KAF). Luteijn worked for ca. 5 years for gallery Juliette Jongma (closed in 2018) in the role of assistant director and (co-)curator for several exhibitions. 

In addition, she has worked as a production coordinator for, amongst others, The One Minutes and Alternative Art Guide and several individual artists and the archiving of the work of artist Reinier Lucassen.

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