Zuza Banasińska is an audiovisual artist from Warsaw, Poland, currently based in Amsterdam. Born in 1994, after history had seemingly ended and the country transformed into a capitalist democracy, their generation’s task was to realise all the failed dreams of those trapped in the previous systems. In their essay films and installations, Zuza journeys into […]

As part of the 80’s generation, I experienced the dramatic social transformation in my home city Changsha as China opened up to the world. High-speed modernization has completely rewritten the cityscape and erased our past. In contrast to the Dutch urban modernization, skyscrapers were erected at the cost of the old city center and local […]

Yeon Sung is an artist-researcher who is based in both South Korea and The Netherlands. Trained in industrial design engineering and graphic design, her politically-charged practice traverses disciplinary boundaries with prototyping, filmmaking, and writing, in accordance with methods based on chemistry, physics, and environmental science. As a child of a traumatized generation of colonial occupation, […]

Yang-ha (b.1994) collects contradictory images from history or religion, she works to reconstruct images on flat media. After manipulating the landscape of real history, it is solved with thin and temporary words. Her language in her works is lovely, but immature and illogical. This fallacy of looking sarcastically at the society in which we live […]

Voorwerpen die iedereen kan bezitten, maar die tegelijk een persoonlijk verhaal kunnen bevatten. Wouter van der Giessen (1995) werpt met zijn werk een nieuwe blik op het bekende. De hele gewone dingen waarmee we ons dagelijks omringen kunnen voor Wouter iconisch zijn. Zoals de gieter in ieders tuin. Deze objecten gelden als bouwstenen voor zijn […]

Wooryun Song is a Visual artist/ Graphic Designer based in Amsterdam. She is a graduate from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2021. Her work illustrates the ambiguity of symbolism by exploring their historical, cultural and personal connections with a focus on the female Asian diaspora – a narrative that is reminiscent of her memory and […]

Trees Heil (1993, The Netherlands) makes photos, short videos and performances. The works show temporarily constructed situations in which spaces, people and their behaviors are given a new poetic context. By using materials such as plaster, jute, hair and paint, the people who are photographed are transformed into different shapes. Heil examines the fluidity of man […]

Tonnie is a jack of all trades, a master of none. In fumbeling, childlike, colorful works she combines conventional imagery with humor and absurdism and shows the (unwritten) rules of our society.

Tom van Veen, 1995, Amsterdam, graduated in 2019 from the AKI ArtEZ in Enschede, NL and currently lives and works in Amsterdam. He has exhibited at various places, such as the Royal Palace Amsterdam for the nomination of the Royal Award for Modern Painting, Centraal Museum, De Balie, het HEM and an collaboration with Museum […]

Tobias Groot (1994, Hoorn, The Netherlands), interdisciplinary artist currently based in Berlin, working with CGI, photography, and artificial intelligence. Tobias is driven by two main interests: the human body and new technologies. His digital conglomerations contend with artificial intelligence and humans’ fleshy embodied experience. Utilising computational processes such as algorithms and neural networks to create […]